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Top quality A3 (40cm by 30cm) sepia photographic prints from a selection of images in the FCC archives.

Choose the image that you want – either from the small selection shown on these pages, or from the web site, from the archive collection which you can see at the Pots & Pix exhibitions, or from Hugh Potter's book The Cromford Canal. Subject to there being no copyright restrictions, we will have the print made for you to have mounted and framed yourself to suit your personal requirements

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Bull Bridge aqueduct

170 - A northbound express passes under a boat on Bullbridge Aqueduct. In the foreground is the small swing bridge which allowed horses to cross the canal here where the towpath changes sides.

Robin Hood

388 - The hamlet of Robin Hood, just north of Whatstandwell was formerly the site of a saw mill to cut gritstone from the nearby quarries, which was then taken away by canal.

Stoneyford Locks

502 - Stoneyford Shallow and Deep Locks (numbers 11 and 10) photographed in 1907. The pound between them was the shortest on the canal.

Installing stop gates at Langley Mill

660 - Sheerlegs in use to install a stop gate on the shallow stop lock on the Nottingham Canal at Langley Mill. This canal joined the Cromford Canal just beyond the second set of sheer legs. The (open) swingbridge is now restored as is the small toll house beyond.

Loading coal at Pentrich

112 - Loading coal from Pentrich pit into a narrowboat for onward shipment to Cromford, c,1900. This traffic continued, even after the collapse of Butterley Tunnel in 1900 closed the canal as a through route

Toll house at Buckland Hollow

1771 - The Cromford Canal at Buckland Hollow was very closely followed by what is now the rather straighter A610. The (road) toll house in the foreground has recently been extended. Buckland Hollow Tunnel and The Excavator public house are behind the camera.

Gregory Wide

432 - Gregory Wide, just to the south of Gregory Tunnel. Just to the right of the elegant lady, the structure by the towpath is a 'windlass'. There was a large wooden 'plug' in the bottom of the canal with a chain attached. When the canal needed to be drained for maintenance, the end of the chain was attached to the bar of the windlass which was then rotated; the chain tightened, the plug came up - and the water went down a culvert into the river to the right.