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NOTE: Please address your email only to the person it concerns. If you are not sure of who this is, or your enquiry is a general one not falling within any of the titles below, then please direct your enquiry to the webmaster and it will get passed on to the relevant person. Please DO NOT send your email to every address listed below.

For the trip boat, please contact the boat manager on

07552 055 455

Chairman: Interim - John Baylis

01623 621208

Email: chair(at FCC domain)

Vice Chairman: John Barker

01773 760358 or 07860 632837

Email: vicechair(at FCC domain)

Executive Secretary and H&S Officer: John Baylis

01623 621208

Email: secretary(at FCC domain)

Treasurer: Robert Bullock
  Email: treasurer(at FCC domain)
Membership Secretary: Yvonne Shattower
  Email: membership(at FCC domain)
Magazine Editor: Hugh Potter
  Email: editor(at FCC domain)
Webmaster: George Rogers (also WRG Coordinator)
  Email: web(at FCC domain) / wrg(at FCC domain)
Archivist: Hugh Potter
  01773 852009
Email: archivist(at FCC domain)
Sales Department: Vix Wilding
  Friends of the Cromford Canal
Weighbridge Office
Gothic Warehouse
Mill Road
Email: sales(at FCC domain)
Working Party Organiser: John Barker

01773 760358 or 07860 632837

Email: work(at FCC domain)

Publicity: John Barker
  Email: publicity(at FCC domain)
Schools Liaison : Vix Wilding
  Email: schools(at FCC domain)
Social Secretary: Dave Ratner
  Email: social(at FCC domain)
Trip Boat: Vix Wilding
  28 Lynholmes Road
07552 055 455
Email: boat(at FCC domain)