Patron: Julian Richards (Archaelogist)
President: Brian Blessed (Actor, adventurer)

Trustees 2017/2018

The management of the Friends of the Cromford Canal is by an Executive Committee of up to 12 Trustees elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

John Baylis BEM - Chairman
John Barker - Vice Chairman, Publicity & Work Party
Bob Bullock - Treasurer
Jude Berry - Executive & Minutes Secretary
Mike Kelley - Boat Project Manager
Yvonne Shattower - Membership Secretary
Jack Brown MBE
Ian Hooker - Health & Safety
George Rogers - Chairman Strategic Restoration Commiteee, Webmaster & Waterway Recovery Group liaison
Dave Martin
Chris Wilding
Dave Ratner - Chairman Boat Committee

General Members

In addition a number of others attend committee meetings, they are:

John Boucher - Honorary Consultant Engineer
Steve Parish - Local Planning Officer
Hugh Potter - Archivist & Portal Editor
Wendy Scarle - Meeting Organiser
Vix Wilding - Boat Operations Manager
Sales - Currently Vacant
Norman Cornwell - Chairman, Erewash Canal Preservation & Development Assn.

In addition there are the Boat Committee and Strategic Restoration Committee which both report to the Executive Committee.